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Waste Acceptance Criteria Testing (WAC Testing)

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WAC Testing (Waste Acceptance Criteria) should only be carried out once the waste classification of the material is determined. For WAC Testing Costs contact Ecofficiency directly on 0800 030 5051.

WAC testing is often widely and wrongly perceived as the procedure of ‘classifying waste soils’ into the type of waste as non-hazardous or hazardous – it is not!

When to Carry Out WAC Testing

WAC testing only needs to be carried out if ‘non-hazardous’ material needs to be landfilled as inert or hazardous soils need to be landfilled. In the event that non-hazardous or hazardous material is being removed from site for treatment or restoration then Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) is often unnecessary. Contact us today for WAC Testing Costs.
Ecofficiency’s range of suites include a full or inert WAC suite.

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