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Recycled Aggregates to Meet WRAP Quality Protocol

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Recycling Facilities

Ecofficiency’s materials recycling service uses a network of recycling facilities to recover, recycle and reuse construction, demolition and excavation (CDE) waste materials. Our materials recycling service is primarily focused on the supply of recycled aggregates derived from reprocessing materials previously used in Construction, Demolition and Excavation wastes. Materials are sourced through our National network of waste transfer stations and recycling centres providing a fully compliant and vetted UK coverage.
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CL:AIRE Code of Practice (CoP)

CL:AIRE (Management) – the Code of Practice (CoP) provides a framework which allows the re-use of excavated materials on-site or their transfer between sites, without being classified as waste. It therefore provides an alternative to the use of Environmental Permits or exemptions.
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Our Materials Recycling Commitment:

  • Legislative Compliance
  • Increased diversion from landfill
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint, through reduced transport distances for materials off site
  • Lower costs than having to supply virgin aggregates

Materials Recycling Services

Recycled Aggegates

Quarried Aggregates

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