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Eco Site Lab – Mobile Soil Testing Laboratory

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When waste classification results are required within an instant; Ecofficiency have complimented their Waste Classification Reporting Service (hyperlink to webpage) with the introduction of a state-of-the-art Mobile Site Laboratory (SiteLab) incorporating the latest Rapid Measuring Technology (RMT).

One of the First-to-market Mobile Soil Testing Service

Our Eco SiteLab mobile soil testing service will provide waste classification results within minutes using Rapid Measuring Technology (RMT) to provide chemical analysis for both hydrocarbons and heavy metals commonly associated with contaminated soil.
Eco SiteLab offers an extremely efficient & cost-effective service in comparison to soil testing using traditional laboratory techniques, with the capacity to report on the waste classification of up to fifty sample locations per day.
Eco SiteLab provides a perfectly controlled environment for soil testing and our expertise together with ISO approved quality control procedures ensure our Rapid Measuring Technology (RMT) process is authorised by the Environment Agency .

We have a team of Expert Waste Assessors

The soil sample testing on site is conducted by one of our own team of trained Advanced Waste Assessors who will be on-site to subsequently analyze the chemical results, classify and provide a detailed Waste Classification Report. We will work in collaboration with your Site Management team to consult technical information and advice on segregation of hazardous hotspots, Materials Management (hyperlink to webpage) and Managed Waste Solutions.

Our Mobile SiteLab Service ensures full compliance

Our mobile SiteLab service will also ensure improved legal compliance on your sites by providing compliance testing to ensure the waste classification of materials identified for re-use and imported aggregates is in accordance with your environmental permit.
The mobile laboratory is fitted with safety features suitable for Highways work. It can be utilised in multiple industries including Infrastructure, Power, Water, Rail & Transport, Construction and Environmental.

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