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Efficient Rapid Measuring Technology (RMT)

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Real-time Waste Classification Reporting that will save you time & money

“Time constraints associated with traditional laboratory testing can often delay sitework, costing valuable program time and abortive costs”

We at Ecofficiency are introducing our latest advancement in our service offerings, Rapid Measurement Technology (RMT) Testing to aid our clients contaminated land management. This state-of-the-art equipment provides reliable identification and measurements of hydrocarbons within the sample, as well as heavy metal analysis through X Ray Fluorescence (XRF) methods, with the focus on segregating hotspots of contamination identified from existing lab test results.

How Rapid Measuring Technology (RMT) will benefit your projects

On-site sampling, testing and interpretation of soils using rapid measurement technologies to test for hydrocarbon and heavy metal contamination. Ecofficiency can deliver real-time results to assist with accurate segregation of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes to help reduce the amount of hazardous waste leaving site. This results in significant cost savings on waste removals and a smaller carbon footprint where non-hazardous soils can be retained on site. The utilisation of the RMT can benefit your projects through accurate segregation of areas of contamination which will provide environmental benefits, deliver timely test results and save significant sums of money through minimising the volumes of hazardous waste leaving site.

RMT can provide test results with accuracy comparable to laboratory analysis

Existing lab data from an accredited laboratory can be very useful to identify whether there are areas of contamination on a site, and with an appropriate sample location plan these results can be used to segregate the hazardous and non-hazardous sample locations. However, you are currently limited to excavating the areas between the hazardous and non-hazardous samples and removing them as hazardous waste as you cannot accurately draw lines where the contamination stretches to, without additional methods. These methods can be visual and olfactory, but those methods are unreliable and not very accurate; through laboratory testing, but those methods are time consuming and costly. However, through the utilization of Rapid Measuring Technology (RMT), we can provide test results with accuracy comparable to laboratory analysis, and with similar ease and reactivity to visual and olfactory methods.

Our Rapid Measuring Technology (RMT) will:

  • Reduce Risk
  • Improve Materials Management
  • Identify Cost Savings
  • Increase soil sample efficiency
  • Delineation of Hazardous Soil Hotspots
  • Reduce Contaminated Soil Volumes
  • Ensure Technical Competence
  • Guaranteed Legislative Compliance
  • Improve Environmental performance
  • Reduce carbon footprint

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