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Ecofficiency offer Asbestos Testing services throughout the United Kingdom. Our tests covers the identification of the hazardous substance within a sample of soil to the quantification of asbestos within the sample.

Where is Asbestos Found?
Asbestos is found on a wide range of construction site due to historic use in the area and the main types of asbestos found are chrysotile (‘white’), amosite (‘brown’) and crocidolite (‘blue’) – the type of substance is identified in the Asbestos Testing we provide.

Asbestos Identification

Asbestos identification is usually recommended as the first test that is carried out to help identify if the hazardous substance is in the soil in a certain area on site. Quantification is then recommended to be done on any soil samples with a positive asbestos identification result to check the concentration of asbestos in the soil. The purpose for the asbestos quantification is to identify what percentage of the sample is made up of the hazardous substance. If the reading is 0.1% or more the soil which this sample represents is classified as hazardous. If the reading is below this figure and there are no other contaminants within the soil causing it to be hazardous the soil which this sample represents can be classified as non-hazardous.

Competent Person Identification

Where waste contains pieces of asbestos which are identifiable by a competent person by the naked eye, these pieces must be assessed separately. The waste is hazardous if the concentration of asbestos in the piece of asbestos containing material is 0.1% or more.
We can offer a comprehensive range of testing soils or unknown substances for asbestos. This can be done in a 3 stage process:
Asbestos ID
Indicates the presence or not of asbestos within the test material.
Asbestos Quantification (Gravimetric)
Assesses the quantity of asbestos within the sample, required for disposal purposes.
Asbestos Quantification (Microscopic)
Testing may be required for samples containing smaller fractions of asbestos fragments.

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