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Accurate Waste Classification Reporting

It is a legal requirement for all waste producers to accurately classify their waste, when managing soils this will require chemical analysis. Accurate Waste Classification Reporting by Ecofficiency will not only guarantee that your waste is classified correctly and ensure your compliant, but will also determine if it is suitable for re-use on site or provide recommendations for further waste management options.

Our full turnkey approach to Waste Classification Reporting will incorporate a range of soil testing options to ensure you meet your sampling requirements in accordance with government legislation. We also offer best-in-market turnaround times for providing test results, dependent on the urgency of your requirements.
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Fully manages service

Our strategic approach will consider all soil testing options to ensure that a sampling plan is initially developed to determine the most effective & efficient option for your requirements. This can range from the provision of our Sample Test Kit for smaller volumes of stockpiled material or a site visit  from one of our team of trained Advanced Waste Assessors to develop a segregation strategy for more complex sampling requirements.

Our managed service is further enhanced by our Mobile Soil Laboratory which incorporates the controlled conditions generally found in a UKAS laboratory and utilizes state of the art Rapid Measuring Technology. This latest option is a new development within the soil testing industry and the technology has recently been endorsed by the Environment Agency. It’s a real industry game changer for unplanned works or when timeframes necessitate real-time data for site work to progress.

Our industry leading Waste Classification Reports have been designed to comply with WM3 and include clear and accurate data that is easy for the customer to interpret.

Chemical data from all our soil testing options is professional analyzed by our team of Advanced Waste Assessors to provide an individual waste classification for each sample location. Recommendations for the further waste management and segregation of contaminated materials are included for the customers consideration.
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Our Managed Soil Testing & Waste Classification Reporting will;

  • Reduce Risk
  • Identify Cost Savings
  • Reduce Waste Volumes
  • Ensure Technical Competence
  • Guaranteed Legislative Compliance
  • Improve Environmental performance
  • Reduce carbon footprint

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