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Topsoil Certification & Testing – The BS3882 topsoil suite is specifically designed to categorise grades of top soil based on their physical and chemical composition. For topsoil testing and top soil certification call us today on 0800 030 5051.

Tests for Grades of Topsoil

BS3882 Top Soil Suite

The BS gives ranges of compliance for each test for the different grades of topsoil. The test report, or ‘declaration of compliance’ as BS3882 terms it, shows the compliance of a given test sample against the different grades of topsoil. Compliance is shown as Y (Yes, complies with) and N (No, does not comply with). An overall Soil Texture is determined from the results of the fractions of clay, silt & sand compared against the soil triangle matrix in BS3882.

The multipurpose grade is self-explanatory and the specific purpose grades are as follows:

Acidic = topsoil required for acidic growing conditions
Low Fertility = topsoil with lower nutrient concentrations
Calc = calcareous soil

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