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We provide a safe and secure Confidential Waste disposal service.

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Ecofficiency dispose of all kinds of confidential waste safely and efficiently. Services offered include data destruction, magnetic data destruction, paper shredding and any other types of confidential waste.

There are many good reasons to ensure that personal and confidential information is disposed of safely and securely. Confidential waste comes in many forms, however generally paper can be recycled and reused or it can be composted. Beside the legal issues surrounding the disposal of waste which is confidential, composting or recycling the waste is far better than the alternative which is to dispose of in the form of general waste.

Whatever your confidential waste disposal requirements, we’re here to help

Ecofficiency collect confidential waste and other sensitive materials from customers, we then shred and recycle it. Confidential waste can be found in most industries and needs disposing of safely and correctly to ensure your information and that of others is protected in line with the data protection laws. Contact Ecofficiency today on 0800 0305051 to discuss your confidential waste disposal requirements.

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