Ecofficiency becomes a FORS Champion

Ecofficiency have recently signed up to become a ‘FORS Champion’ – through our knowledge of the industry as a company we have identified that increasingly more of our clients require FORS as a minimum standard within their contracts – for example the upcoming HS2 Works.

We have therefore committed to promoting the scheme, and explaining the benefits, to all of our supply chain to try and raise standards throughout the industry.

What is FORS? It stands for ‘Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme’, a voluntary accreditation scheme encompassing all aspects of safety, fuel efficiency, vehicle emissions and improved operations.

What does it do? FORS helps fleet operators to measure and monitor performance and alter operations in order to demonstrate best practice – it’s open to operators of vans, trucks, mini-buses, coaches and other vehicles.

FORS Members are amongst the safest, most efficient and greenest operators – statistics from 200 Silver and Gold members demonstrated the following overall results:

  • 15% reduction in CO2
  • 6% improvement in Miles per Gallon
  • 8% reduction in Penalty Charge Notices
  • 6% reduction in damage only, slight and serious injury incidents

Further information is available via , and there are three levels of accreditation – Bronze, Silver and Gold.

  • Bronze – first step in the scheme, confirming that the operator employs good practice and complies with all legal conditions of business
  • Silver – awarded to high quality operators who are committed to becoming safer and more efficient, while reducing their environmental impact
  • Gold – awarded to only exceptional operators, who have met specific, exacting targets and are continuing to improve their performance.

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