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Efficient and cost effective Hardcore and Bulk Soil Removal (Muck Away).

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Ecofficiency are bulk earthworks contractors carrying out Hardcore and Bulk Soil Removal works, also commonly referred to in the industry as Muckaway or Muckshifting, from a variety of construction sites across the United Kingdom.

‘Muck’ is removed according to customer requirements, which is determined by the capabilities and availability of their own resources at the point of enquiry. Call 0800 030 5051 to discuss your bulk excavation or topsoil removal needs.

Spoil Removal Contract Options

Muckaway contracts are often carried out on a ‘Rate Per Load’ or on a Lump Sum ‘All Risk’ basis.

Rate Per Load

The ‘Rate Per Load’ option is often convenient for contractors when either a small amount of material needs to be removed, or if excavations are in progress and volumes are unknown and/or space is at a premium.

Lump Sum ‘All Risk’

Lump Sum ‘All Risk’ projects are often contracted for bulk earthworks and excavation or when large volumes of hardcore materials, surplus soils and topsoil etc are to be removed from a construction site – a fixed cost is applied. This helps to alleviate any risk to the contractors and also frees up their own resources to concentrate on the principle contract.

Project Supervision Included

Project Supervision is included as part of Ecofficiency’s Managed Service for Bulk Soil Removal to monitor and manage the removal of any CDE (Construction, Demolition, and Excavation) waste from site when any project necessitates it. This helps to:

Reduce workload for the Site Agent
Ensure site rules and regulations are adhered to
Enforce the duty of care for all parties involved
Act as a competent Banksman for any moving wagons or plant.
Compliance Data and Waste Audit Trail
Compliance data is stored to our on-line management portal EcoIntelligence
ensuring a full waste audit trail and Duty of Care are provided.

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