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Contaminated Soil Removal and Remediation specialists

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Ecofficiency are Contaminated Soil Removal and Remediation specialists. We extract and treat Non-Hazardous and Hazardous contaminated soil for recycling off-site. A professional full turnkey waste management service encompassing a range of services from soil testing to the disposal of contaminated materials.

Contaminated Soil Removal – Extract and Recover

Ecofficiency’s contaminated soil removal concept “Extract & Recover” has evolved by diverting contaminated soils from landfill and establishing strategic partners who specialise in various treatment strategies to cover a broad range of contaminants. We have an extensive network of soil treatment facilities and recycling centres giving complete waste disposal and remediation coverage across the United Kingdom.

Ecofficiencys Contaminated Soil Removal concept offers clients the following benefits:

  • – Supports clients Corporate Social Responsibility
  • – Meets clients sustainable construction objectives
  • – Environmentally sound process
  • – Economic benefits
  • – our rates are unaffected by the landfill escalator
  • – Technical, trained and experienced staff to manage sitework
  • – Transport capability giving full UK coverage
  • – Robust measurement and reporting system to ensure your Duty of Care

What to do if you suspect your construction site is contaminated

If you suspect your construction site is contaminated, Ecofficiency offer a fast tracked soil sample testing kit which enables testing for asbestos or other soil contamination. If your site is contaminated we can assist with specialist contaminated soil removal, remediation and disposal services. The common thought process when dealing with soils which have been contaminated with asbestos or other contaminant is generally to dispose of the material to a landfill site as hazardous waste. Asbestos soil remediation is prominently addressed by excavation and disposal, which is expensive and normally attracts hazardous disposal charges at the higher rate of landfill tax.

Hazardous Waste Regulations

The Hazardous Waste (England & Wales) Regulations 2005 and The Special Waste Amendment (Scotland) Regulations 2004, require any soils with asbestos content greater than 0.1% to be classified as hazardous waste. Any soils with asbestos content below 0.1% can be classified as non-hazardous so long as other hazardous contaminants are not present.

Land Remediation

Ecofficiency provide land remediation services to segregate the asbestos from the impacted soils on site through proven value engineering techniques. We will identify the most suitable land remediation technique for the site which may include excavation, hand picking, screening, soil washing of the contaminated soil.

Asbestos Trained Personnel

Only asbestos trained and experienced personnel will be utilised on site, supported by Professional Asbestos Consultants to manage the works. To discuss Ecofficiency’s soil contaminated soil removal services call 0800 030 5051 to speak to one of our experts.

Why Use Ecofficiency to Remove Contaminated Soil from Site? We can help you to significantly reduce hazardous waste costs by:

  • Our knowledge of the asbestos segregation process involved will enable us to provide cost effective savings in the region of 50% when compared to traditional contaminated soil removal and disposal techniques.
  • Reducing the bulk volume of waste by segregating asbestos containing materials
  • Retaining recycled soils on site
  • Reducing the waste classification of the soil to non-hazardous

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