WM2 Technical Guidance – V3

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New Version of WM2 V3


A new version of the WM2 V3 was released today containing amendments to the current procedures when dealing with hazardous waste. You can download a copy of the guidance and the supplement from this Environment Agency page: classify different types of waste


What's Changing?

Version 3 of the WM2 contains changes to:
• H4/H8 Irritant Corrosive
• Note 1
• Oily waste (replaces HWR08 and SWAN/04)
• H14
• Other minor details
The guidance should be applied at the latest by September 1st 2013, however the Environmental Agency have stipulated two further grace periods for:
• the changes to the oils and wastes containing oils, which should be implemented by January 1st 2014
• for businesses that utilise acid/alkali reserve testing, application of these changes no later than 1 January 2015
If you have any concerns or questions about the WM2 V3 changes, please call Ecofficiency on 0800 0305051 to discuss with one of our representatives.

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