What we do

Ecofficiency is a leading nationwide provider of outsourced waste management & recycling services.

EcoWaste provide a complete waste collection, waste disposal and recycling service with emphasis on efficient removal of waste that proves cost effective whilst remaining environmentally responsible.

We can offer services tailored to our customers specific requirements, providing a great service whilst ensuring compliance is in line with ever-changing legislation.

EcoSoilSolutions provides a full turnkey materials management service to the construction industry.

We use a network of waste recycling facilities to remove, recover, recycle and reuse construction, demolition and excavation (CDE) waste materials throughout the UK.

Our project management team have a wealth of experience in spoil removal and remediation contracts for clean and contaminated soils.

We provide a full Materials Management Planning service supported by CL:AIRE qualified personnel to assist with applications for the re-use of materials. The economic benefits of reusing and recycling material are then passed onto the customer.

EcoEnvironmental provides a fast tracked waste classification soil testing service for soils prior to removal and disposal from site.

There is a growing requirement for efficient and accurate soil testing to determine the waste classification of ground material within the construction industry.

Our experienced Site Engineers offer nationwide coverage of the UK within a 24-hour callout period to cover your full soil test requirements. We will work with you to develop you a sampling strategy for your site or simply provide our cost effective and efficient soil sampling kit for more basic stockpiled material. Either option comes with turnaround guarantees of between 1-5 days dependant on the urgency of your requirements.

Our soil testing service is particularly well suited to sites where both time and space is at a premium and was developed to meet the requirements of today’s demanding construction programs.

The waste producer has the legal responsibility to classify any waste they generate and our service provides the customer with clear and concise interpretation of chemical data within a Waste Classification Summary Report. It is important for waste producers to remember that the costs associated with carrying out a more thorough approach to sampling and analysis can be negated if the volumes of Hazardous waste removed from the site can be reduced by even a single load.

Technical Guidance WM3; Guidance on the classification and assessment of waste (1st Edition 2015) changed the way waste producers should classify waste. The introduction of Appendix D: Waste Sampling sets out new guidance for soil testing compliance.

Limited chemical data is a common problem when looking to remove soil based waste materials and it can lead to the following difficulties;

  • Historic site investigation data is often not designed for waste classification and can be insufficient, inaccurate, outdated and non-compliant with WM3.
  • Incorrect classification can drastically increase disposal/transportation costs,
  • It can potentially breach legislation, and
  • Having a transparent and defensible audit trail reduces a company’s risks.
  • Delays incurred waiting for soil testing results to return will often effect programme of work resulting in unnecessary increased costs.

EcoAggregates is primarily focused on the supply of recycled aggregates derived from reprocessing materials previously used in Construction, Demolition and Excavation wastes. These materials are sourced through our large network of waste transfer stations and recycling centres providing full UK coverage.

Primary aggregates remain a necessary requirement within the construction industry to achieve certain performance and specification criteria. We are able to provide very competitive rates from a range of sites across the UK.

EcoIntelligence is Ecofficiency’s online customer portal that allows you access to fully manage your waste.

Our portal offers a number of real time features including site data, duty of care licenses, waste transfer notes, site waste management plans, reporting, carbon footprint measurables and invoicing.