WAC Testing

WAC Testing (Waste Acceptance Criteria) should only be carried out once the waste classification of the material is determined. For WAC Testing Costs contact Ecofficiency directly on 0800 030 5051.

WAC testing is often widely and wrongly perceived as the procedure of 'classifying waste soils' into the type of waste as non-hazardous or hazardous, it is not!.

When to Carry Out WAC Testing

WAC testing only needs to be carried out if 'non-hazardous' material needs to be landfilled as inert or hazardous soils need to be landfilled. In the event that non-hazardous or hazardous material is being removed from site for treatment or restoration then waste acceptance criteria (WAC) is often unnecessary. Contact us today for WAC Testing Costs.

Ecofficiency's range of suites include a full or inert WAC suite.


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Enquire about WAC Testing Costs by calling 0800 030 5051.

What our customers say

Ecofficiency’s core business value is on delivering more value whilst creating less impact on the environment. This is delivered to the customer by optimising recycling and landfill diversion through sound environmental management and innovation

Senior Buyer - Amco

Ecofficiency were proven to be very efficient throughout the remediation works and adapted swiftly to the constantly changing waste streams presented to them.

Rob Moreu – Director, ASH Remediation

Ecofficiency provided a prompt and reliable service throughout the project and were especially reactive over the blockade period where it was essential service requirements were met. The project’s success was largely due to our contractor’s cooperation and commitment to the project and I would have no hesitation in utilising Ecofficiency’s services on similar projects in the future.

C. Johnson - C Spencer Ltd

Ecofficiencys support was excellent turning around the soil testing very quickly and then organising the removal of contaminated soil the instant the results were known.

Vince Dalton – Contracts Manager, Dakin Contractors Ltd

I would like to confirm that Ecofficiency have been a supplier to The Spencer Group for a number of years. During this time they have supplied good cost effective waste management solutions up and down the country and material supply on the projects I have been involved in. I would not hesitate to recommend the Services of Ecofficiency. Well done and keep up the good work.

Wayne Gammon, Project Manager - C Spencer Ltd

Through effective on-site segregation of our waste within skips and containers, Ecofficiency increased our diversion rates whilst reducing costs. The site waste management plan they generated clearly outlined project targets and achievements from the outset.

Nigel Hatton - Tolent Construction

Ecofficiency provided an excellent service and gave us a cost effective solution for dealing with the waste removal. We were able to get copies of all documentation with little fuss through the EMS and having a site supervisor present throughout the project gave us constant updates with wagon movements and any queries we had whilst the project was ongoing. I hope there will be more projects in the near future where we can work with Ecofficiency.

Richard Spencer, Managing Director - Cordtape