Topsoil - A Common Problem For House Builders

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BS 3882:2015 Certified Topsoil

Why is it a constant struggle to find BS 3882:2015 certified topsoil with relevant chemical analysis for human health?Most topsoil providers will certify that the material is compliant with BS3882:2015 in regards to supporting plant growth. However, they don’t certify that the material is suitable from a human health perspective.

HNBC Approval

In order to gain NHBC approval and before they sell a property, house builders need to prove that topsoil not only meets BS3882:2015 standards but is also chemically suitable and meets a Site Specific Assessment Criteria for use in residential gardens. Elevated arsenic and benzo(a)pyrene levels are a common problem in topsoil, these are not required for BS3882:2015 certification and in most cases haven’t been tested for. In our experience this is frequently overlooked by suppliers, house builders and consultants until the topsoil is laid in the plot and finally tested in preparation for the sale of the new property. If the topsoil fails at this late stage of development , which is frequently the case, then it can cause all sorts of complications, delays and additional costs for the house builder.

Standards for Topsoil in the UK

At Ecofficiency, we have set a standard for Topsoil across the UK by implementing our own Assessment Criteria and insist upon testing in accordance with BS3882:2015 supplemented by our own range of chemical analysis. If our supplier falls short on any of the testing requirements we will test the topsoil ourselves to ensure compliance.

Don’t run the risk with Topsoil that doesn’t make the grade. If you have a requirement for either topsoil supply or testing then call and speak with an Ecofficiency representative on 0800 030 5051.

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