Super Tanker for Liquid Waste & Tanker Services

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Introducing the Super Tanker for Waste Disposal

Let me introduce you to our powerful new Super Tanker. It’s the elite performer of our liquid waste and tanker services. It is a specially designed and modified vacuum tanker developed to deal with the toughest environmental requirements. It has an impressive 26,000 litre capacity and fully stainless ADR 316 tank, it delivers on bulk volumes as well as performance. Powered by dual Samson 2700km liquid ring pumps, it is able to perform two tasks through 6" and 4" outlets operating at 3,600 cfm, enabling two teams to work at the same time, providing excellent efficiency.

The Super Tanker has been designed primarily for the petroleum and chemical industries, although it is also ideal for contaminated hazardous & non-hazardous sludges/semi-solids/long distances and deep extractions. The ADR specification and safety additions make it ideal for transporting these type of products, reducing working hours and improving the safety aspect when dealing with hazardous waste.

Health and Safety

Safety is a major priority and the tanker performs at less than 70 db with double safety slider valves on the 6" inlet chalwyn valves and space arrestors on both auxiliary engines. The Super Tanker vehicle also has a fully hydraulic opening back door with hydraulic clamp and hydraulic tipping facilities.

If other tankers don’t do the job then call Ecofficiency for the powerful Super Tanker. We provide liquid waste and tanker service across the UK on an emergency callout basis 24/7. If you want more information about our vehicle and our national waste management and tanker service please call Jonathan Hodgett on 0800 305051

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