Reducing Waste Intensity – A Measured Approach to Waste Management

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If your responsible for Waste Management in construction or residential development and are still using the large mixed waste skip approach, then you may want to reconsider your waste strategy...

A large mixed waste skip may initially feel like a cost saving. Think again, we have seen this unmanaged approach typically increase our customer’s annual waste budget by up to 45%. It is a matter of fact that a large mixed waste skip will only encourage waste intensity rather than prevent or reduce the volume of waste from your sites. It will not do your environmental credentials any favour’s either and works completely against the principles set out in the waste hierarchy.

We believe that it is a false economy to measure waste costs by the unit rate of a skip and waste management performance can only be truly gauged over the duration of a site. Having a relevant performance measure in place to report against is a key factor in our management of your sites and Industry standard waste intensity targets are used to measure ongoing waste management & financial performance.

We want to work with you to prevent & reduce the amount of waste you produce on site and by managing & monitoring waste intensity we will be able to relate the financial & environmental performance of your sites with complete transparency by producing quality Monthly Reports relative to your own Industry Reporting requirements.

Waste intensity is calculated by the amount of waste generated per 100m2. The higher the waste intensity figure; the higher the cost of waste. A managed approach that focuses on reducing your waste intensity figure by preventing & reducing the waste produced on site, will not only minimise the costs of a project but also ensure your company is taking a proactive approach to improving their environmental performance.

Ecofficiency’s Managed Waste Service

Ecofficiency have developed a bespoke Managed Waste Service, proven to deliver significant annual waste costs. Our collaborative approach to waste management will encourage ongoing consultation and involvement with your Project Management Team, utilising build data along with waste intensity targets to produce projected budgets against a forecasted build plan.

A free site waste audit is carried out to determine accurate product selection and a waste segregation strategy is then implemented on site. We will manage your sites throughout the duration of a project to monitor, manage and audit your sites to ensure maximum product usage efficiency.

Our Managed Waste Service includes many unique benefits, such as in-house training and technical support throughout the duration of a project. Bespoke monthly reporting is provided, which measures a projects ongoing waste intensity and environmental performance, as well as monitoring ongoing costs against a projects waste budget to ensure the waste budget remains on target.

Make Ecofficiency your Waste Management contractor of choice. Speak to one of our Waste Management experts on 0800 030 5051 or today for a free site assessment & consultation.

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