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A key factor in the sustainable use of soils within the construction industry is having the knowledge of resources that are available from one site and required by another. Pairing these together at the right time is not easy, especially when there is no external source of information readily available to support the industry.

As one of the largest waste management and recycling outsourcing businesses in the UK it is important that we have comprehensive supplier database of all available licensed disposal sites, transfer stations, recycling facilities and Soil Treatment Facilities.

Introducing the National Materials Management Register

In additional to our national supply database we have introduced a 'National Materials Management Register' which is constantly evolving with sites that also provide useful options to support sustainable construction and the reuse of soils. Through feedback from customers and suppliers alike, together with market intelligence we have an expanding database of CL:aire donor & receiver sites, UI exempt sites and landfills requiring clean soils for cover and engineering.

We also work closely with all of our account customers to identify the requirements of each of their sites and update the Materials Management Register to identify a cost effective and sustainable solution.

Let Ecofficiency Start Networking Your Soils Today!

Back Ecofficiency's campaign for a 'National Materials Management Register' to support sustainable use of soils throughout the UK. Please contact us with information regarding your surplus soils or infill requirements on 0800 030 5051 and ask for ECO Soil Solutions.

Article by Simon Raven – Managing Director

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