National Grid Gas Holder

ASH Remediation Ltd c/o BAM Nuttall
National Grid Gas Holder, Burnley
Bulk Soil Removal
Project Duration
8 months
Project Value
Project highlights
  • Expert analysis & accurate interpretation of chemical data to determine waste removal strategy.
  • Effective site management resulted in successful segregation of various difficult contaminated waste streams to significantly minimise costs.
  • 100% diversion from landfill achieved for contaminated waste materials removed from site.
  • Excavation and removal of 1,500 tonnes of heavily impacted coal tar sludge to various off site treatment facilities.
  • Extraction and removal of 500t of liquid coal tar and contaminated water for recycling.

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Aims & Objectives

Ecofficiency were tasked with providing cost effective and efficient contaminated land management solutions for various difficult waste streams present on site.
Chemical analysis indicated extremely high levels of TPH/PAH contamination due to heavily impacted coal tar concentrations with the material contained in the gas holder.
High levels of mercury present in coal tar sludge restricted off site treatment options and alternative secondary fuel options were sought to remove the material.
Physical characteristics of slurry material necessitated stabilisation methods to be deployed on site prior to transport and removal of the material.
High powered vacuum and pumping equipment was deployed to extract difficult coal tar sludge.

Services Supplied

Ecofficiency provided a full turnkey contaminated management service for the customer.
Advice on classification of all waste was provided to the customer throughout the project together with various options for the removal and recycling of waste.
Site Supervision of the waste segregation, excavation and removal process meant that our customer was assured of compliance.