Materials Management Plans

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Materials Management Plans

Good management practice and useful tool to save significant costs on excavated soils.

  • Are excavated soils costing you the earth to remove from your construction site?
  • Do you want to save time and money whilst complying with EA Regulations?

First of all you will need to consider a Materials Management Plan (MMA). Materials Management Planning will facilitate the process and negate the requirement for an Environment Agency environmental permit or an exemption from the Waste Management Licensing Regulations, both of which can cause major delays to your work program.

CL:Aire Code of Practice

A Materials Management Plan in accordance with the CL:Aire Code of Practice will enable you to reuse excavated clean or contaminated soils and made ground. In order to comply with the requirements of the Environment Agency the MMP will need to be reviewed by a CL:Aire Qualified Independent Assessor.

Independent Assessor - Processing the MMP

Ecofficiency has an experienced team of qualified persons on board and we are able to process the MMP on our client’s behalf and authorise the plan as the Independent Assessor. A Materials Management Plan provides you with a clear, consistent, systematic and auditable approach to bulk soil movements on site.

Ecofficiency customers can benefit from a number of financial and environmental incentives which include the following:

  • Significantly reduces costs in comparison to removing the excavated materials as a waste
  • Encourages value engineering through reuse of excavated materials
  • Reduces both waste to landfill and the import of quarried material, along with associated transport impacts
  • Can reduce transport movements & distances for materials off site
  • Lower costs than having to apply for an Environmental Permit
  • Faster than applying for an Environmental Permit

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