ISO 14001:2015 launched

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Revised ISO 14001

The revised version of the ISO 14001 was published in September 2015, bringing it in line with more recent trends, such as an increasing recognition by companies of the need to factor in both external and internal elements that influence their impact, such as climate volatility.

Other Key Changes

  • A greater commitment from leadership
  • An increased alignment with strategic direction
  • Greater protection for the environment, with a focus on proactive initiatives
  • More effective communication, driven through a communications strategy
  • Life-cycle considerations of a product or service, from development to end-of-life
  • Need to consider ‘outsourced’ activities, such a sub-contracted work

Transition Period for Organisations Currently Certified to ISO 14001:2004

Organisations currently certified to ISO 14001:2004 have a three-year transition period from the new standard’s publication date to migrate their system to the new edition.

ISO 14001:2004


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