Hazardous Waste Registration Changes

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Changes to Registering Premises With the Environmental Agency

From 1st April 2016, businesses in England will no longer be required to register their premises with the Environment Agency if they produce more than 500kg of hazardous waste per year (premises registration will still be required in Wales).

Consignment Note Code

To accommodate the removal of premises registration, the format of the consignment note code, which appears on every consignment note, will change on the 1st April 2016 regardless of the amount of hazardous waste produced, stored or handled. The first six characters of the consignment note code (currently the premises registration number) must be replaced by the first six letters or numbers (not symbols) of the business name. ‘EXEMPT’ will no longer be used. The second set of characters will continue to be five numbers or letters of the waste producer/holder’s choosing.

consignment note code changes


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