Flood Defence Wall Construction

Cordtape c/o Environmental Agency
Flood Defence Wall, Grimsby
Contaminated Soil Removal
Project Duration
3 months
Project Value
Project highlights
  • Provision of access scaffolding platform to  allow asbestos trained personnel to sheet  & wrap all asbestos contaminated soils whilst wagons in transit.
  • Landfill tax avoided - Overall cost reduction of £450k gained by sourcing tax exempt site that was able to use material for engineering purpose.
  • Organization of up to 20 wagons per day over a 3 month period on a timed arrival basis.
  • Ongoing WAC testing through the works to ensure compliance.
  • On site management to complete all hazardous waste consignment notes and organise the access & egress of tipper vehicles.
Aims & Objectives

Ecofficiency were tasked by Cordtape Ltd to manage the removal of the asbestos contaminated soil arising from the construction of a new flood defence wall on the water front at Victoria Dock.
Due to the presence of asbestos in the soils in addition to chemical contamination causing the waste to be classified as hazardous, one of the main objectives during the works was to ensure the waste was safely transported and no fibres would be released during transit endangering the health of the public.
Service was a major concern as the program of works were reliant on the waste being removed within a tight timeframe. Close control of the vehicles coming to site each day was necessary to keep on course to meeting the time requirements.

Services Supplied

Throughout the project Ecoffiency managed the transport of the waste and disposal at a fully licensed landfill. In addition to this, Ecofficiency provided the encapsulation of the waste within the vehicles by supplying a trained team of staff to work on a scaffold platform to wrap the waste inside the wagon with polythene sheeting.
To enable disposal at landfill, Ecofficiency provided WAC testing throughout the course of the works to accompany the solids testing which was already available. This was to ensure suitability for disposal at landfill.
Ecofficiency supported the contract by providing an on-site supervisor as a direct contact for the site team to place bookings and to maintain site service.
Our on-line portal meant Cordtape had access to all critical documentation to fulfil their duty of care such as licenses, waste transfer notes and reports.