Environment Agency Waste Soils Campaign

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Environmental Agency Concerns Over Soil Classification

The Environment Agency has concerns over the way in which waste soils are being classified and are carrying out a national campaign to check that companies are managing this waste stream appropriately. Records are being requested from producers (i.e. construction companies), waste carriers, brokers and receiving sites.

Waste soil is a ‘mirror entry’ with two possible EWC codes:

  • 17 05 03* soil and stones containing hazardous substances
  • 17 05 04 soil and stones other than those mentioned in 17 05 03*

Determining EWC Codes

To determine which EWC code applies, producers must make an assessment as to whether any hazardous substances are present, their concentration and whether or not this is above the threshold to make it hazardous waste. The code 17 05 04 cannot legally be assigned to a waste soil until this assessment has been undertaken.

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