CL:AIRE Definition of Waste: Development Industry Code of Practise

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Framework for the Re-Use of Excavated Materials

The CL:AIRE Code of Practice (CoP) provides a framework which allows the reuse of excavated materials on-site or their transfer between sites, without being classified as waste. The code of practice therefore provides an alternative to the use of Environmental Permits or exemptions.
The scenarios supported by the CoP are:
  • the direct transfer of clean un-contaminated soil from one development site to another
  • the reuse of both contaminated and uncontaminated excavated materials on their site of origin
  • the establishment of a network of sites within a Hub and Cluster arrangement, between which both contaminated and uncontaminated material can be transferred
  • the operation of fixed soil treatment facilities to produce a non-waste product
For the CoP to be applied, a Materials Management Plan must be produced providing supporting evidence to demonstrate that the use of material will not pose a risk to human health or the environment; the material is suitable for use; there is certainty of use; and no more material will be used than is actually needed or permitted by planning.

Proposal to comply with the CL:AIRE Code of Practice (CoP)

Ecofficiency can provide a package of services to enable development sites to comply with the CL:AIRE Code of Practice (CoP), including:
  • Testing of materials to demonstrate their suitability for use (if contaminated, a further quantitative risk assessment will be required – this could be carried out by another environmental consultancy in a partnership arrangement)
  • Coordination of the supporting evidence required
  • Completion of the Materials Management Plan
  • Sign-off by a CL:AIRE Qualified Person
  • Production of the Verification Report at the end of the process
  • Setting up and coordinating a Hub and Cluster arrangement where several concurrent sites can benefit from a shared soil treatment facility
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