Cambridge Rail Depo

Cambridge Rail Depo
Cambridge Rail Depo
Waste Classification Testing
Project highlights

Project Type - New Track Installation.

Service Provided - Soil Testing, Waste Classification & Segregation, Removal of excavated ground.

Aims & Objectives - Reduce removal costs through
effective segregation of excavated material.

Project Details:
Sampling plan developed to test at strategic points along the route of the proposed new trackwork
48 x No. samples taken

11 hazardous hotspots & 37 non-hazardous identified
Heat map generated for client to assist with excavations
Toolbox talk undertaken to run through segregation strategy prior to commencement of works
Site management deployed to manage excavation works
Waste stockpiled separately and clearly signed to avoid cross contamination
10/15 wagons deployed on a daily basis to remove materials
Banksman deployed to manage access & egress of wagons and completed consignment/waste transfer notes
100% diversion from landfill