Better Waste Classification for Waste Producers

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Assessment and Classification of Waste Soil

A recently launched Environment Agency campaign concerning the classification and management of waste soils is looking closely at the assessment and classification of waste soil at the point of production. Each step in the waste chain will be checked to ensure operators are complying with the law.

The waste classification reports which are produced by Ecofficiency contain a breakdown of classifications for each sample tested. This gives you, the producer, confidence that the information you are giving to your subcontractors is correct when they are removing soil on your behalf. The waste classification summary part of the report you receive will look something like this;

Sample ID Waste Classification EWC Code Comments

  • Sample 1 Hazardous 17 05 03* Elevated metals
  • Sample 2 Non hazardous 17 05 04* Elevated TPH
  • Sample 3 Non hazardous 17 05 04* Elevated TPH
  • Sample 4 Hazardous 17 05 03* Elevated TPH
  • Sample 5 Non hazardous 17 05 04* No elevated levels

To arrive at this waste classification we will determine what hazardous substances are present, their concentration, their chemical classification and whether this is at or above the hazardous waste thresholds.

Free Waste Classification Summary

Our waste classification summary is given at no extra charge when you book waste classification testing with Ecofficiency. Our waste classification suite gives you the data for heavy metal contamination, PAH, TPH and pH. Other contaminants such as asbestos and POPS can be added to this if there is a possibility these may be present. The turnaround as standard is 5 working days from receipt at the laboratory and this can be accelerated to just one working day if required. Our reports are produced in accordance with Appendix D of WM3 – Guidance on the Classification and Assessment of Waste to ensure they are fully compliant.

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