Best Practice Award June 2022 Winner – Vistry Homes Yorkshire

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  • Project Duration: 5 Years
  • Project Status: 3.5 Years
  • Diversion Rate: 99%

Vistry Homes – Treswell Gardens has won Ecofficiency’s Best Practice Award for June 2022.

Vistry has been presented with the Best Practice Award for June 2022 based on these three categories:

  • Excellent Diversion Rate: 99%
  • Very good Usage Efficiency Rate: 87%
  • Consistently High Site Assessment Score: 100%

Ecofficiency took over the Treswell Gardens site in July 2021 and since then, the site has made continual positive improvements in their waste management practices. Site Manager, Kevin Brannan and the site team have worked enthusiastically with Eco to implement a more structured segregation system and actively enforces our best practice guide on site. 

The site team are always open to new innovation schemes we put forward, one being Ecofficiency’s pallet repatriation scheme. This scheme helps reduce wood waste by assessing pallets for reuse, and where not suitable, will be collected from site to be recycled or used in energy recovery. Reducing the movements from the wood waste skips on the Treswell Gardens site, has helped reduced Vistry’s waste costs and has lowered their carbon footprint. 

Site Manager for Vistry Homes, Kevin Brannan, said “We acknowledge since taking on the site in July 2021 an immediate positive impact was made, shorted timeframes, clearer guidance and improved communications has resulted in our improved understanding of dealing with waste correctly. This better understanding has become infectious, everyone on site has really jumped on board with what we are all trying to achieve regarding best practice in waste management. A full year on we are very proud to have received the Certificate of outstanding achievement for best practice in waste management. 

We look forward to our continued successes for many years to come. We understand the difficulty to reach the standard we have and further difficulties to maintain it and improve upon on it. I am sure together we can achieve this common goal.”

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