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The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we live. For weeks, most of us have stayed at home to avoid unsafe working conditions and viral transmission. Staying at home has also helped to protect more vulnerable people who may be at risk of much more severe and even life-threatening symptoms. It’s been a tough couple of months but now the lockdown is beginning to ease, many people are concerned about going back to work.

Returning to Work: Coronavirus Health and Safety

The coronavirus causing the pandemic is a novel virus, also known as Covid-19. Like other viruses, Covid-19 is spread through coughs and sneezes, which send tiny droplets into the air. These droplets may be inhaled by another person standing close by but can also land on surfaces and other touch points. This is why maintaining social distancing and excellent hygiene is so important.

Now that the lockdown is easing and employees are heading back to work, maintaining a high standard of cleanliness is essential. Employers must ensure that the risk to their employees is minimized as much as possible. Creating a health and safety strategy is the best way to ensure that every need is met and any and all risks are properly managed.

Simple Health and Safety Strategies

Employers should consider a variety of health and safety interventions at this time. For example, they could allow some staff to work from home or create a rota so that the workplace is never full to capacity. Adding sneeze guards (large plastic sheets) between people is another good way to protect employees. Other simple suggestions might include providing face masks and hand gels on-site and increasing the frequency of cleaning on the premises.

Employers should also strongly consider decontaminating their workplace to ensure that the space is as safe as possible on their return. This is where Ecofficiency can help.

Ecofficiency’s On-site Sterilisation and Hygiene Service

Ecofficiency is providing a same day or next day on-site sterilisation and hygiene service. This service is suitable for most working environments and kills 99.9% of known bacteria and viruses.

Ecofficiency’s method is environmentally-friendly and provides greater peace of mind for employees who are naturally anxious about returning to work.

Ecofficiency’s HSE approved mist decontamination process kills any traces of bacteria or viruses on all surfaces within the workplace. The mist ensures full coverage from floor to ceiling. Decontaminating a typical workplace of 1,000 cubic metres takes less than 4 hours. The process is quick, safe and cost-effective, starting at just 50p per cubic metre.

The mist is made using a solution of 3% hydrogen peroxide. Our contractors are fully qualified to use the mist and use specialist equipment, including their own PPE, to perform the decontamination. Once complete, the workplace is safe to return to after 1 hour.

Taking precautions before returning to work doesn’t have to be time consuming or expensive. Ecofficiency is here to help you get back to your workplace as quickly and safely as possible and our on-site sterilisation and hygiene service does just that.

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