Soil Testing Services and Soil Disposal from Ecofficiency Soil Testing Services and Soil Disposal from Ecofficiency

Fast-tracked Soil Testing Service

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EcoResponse provides a fast tracked waste classification soil testing service  for soils prior to removal and disposal from site.

We have recognised a requirement for fast and accurate soil testing to determine the waste classification of ground material within the construction industry.

Our soil testing service is particularly well suited to sites where both time and space is at a premium (E.g. Petrol Station Forecourts) and was developed to compliment our contaminated land management provision.

Although the waste producer has the legal responsibility to classify any waste they produce, most classifications in the UK are done by the waste receivers.

  • Historic site investigation data is often not designed for waste classification and can be insufficient, inaccurate and outdated.
  • Incorrect classification can drastically increase disposal/transportation costs,
  • It can potentially breach legislation, and
  • Having a transparent and defensible audit trail reduces a company’s risks.
  • Delays incurred waiting for soil testing results to return will often effect programme of work resulting in unnecessary increased costs.

Our soil testing service has been designed to address these issues by providing the following;

  • Nationwide coverage
  • Instant On-line quoting facility
  • 24hr mobilisation sample collection callout
  • Provision of experienced site engineer to take soil samples
  • Recommendations on test requirements, soil sample frequency and soil sample location
  • Rapid 1-day turnaround premium available for test results
  • 4-day standard turnaround for test results
  • Summary report provided with chemical analysis and professional advice on waste classification
  • Waste classification recommendations supported by HazWasteOnline software
  • Chemical testing by MCERTS & UKAS accredited laboratory
  • Recommendations provided for cost effective solutions for removal or remediation of contaminated ground


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